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Everybody Deserves a Home is a delightful rhyming story for children full of inspiring illustrations and impactful scenes.

The characters of Big Pup and his friends come from very different walks of life. Despite their differences, Big Pup learns about the struggles and obstacles each friend faces relating to finding a safe, affordable, and accessible home. Big Pup learns that housing isn’t one size fits all and works to help his friends find and build homes that cater to each of their unique needs. Big Pup dedicates his time to helping his friends and in turn helping himself.  

Read along with us and learn how to make a difference in your own community!

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What is Affordable Housing?

Sometimes families struggle to afford their house or apartment and still make ends meet. But everybody needs a place to eat, sleep, study, and play. Affordable housing helps make sure families don’t pay too much for a safe home in a neighborhood with good schools, grocery stores, libraries, and other nearby necessities. When families have affordable housing, children do better in school and have a chance for a healthier and happier life. We all benefit when our communities grow and our neighbors find those special places they can call home.

How to Make a Difference?

After reading our story, your children may have interest in learning how to help. Habitat for Humanity has fun and educational opportunities for young volunteers to begin to learn about the importance of a safe and affordable home